5 goals to focus on this summer

  1. Reconnect with an old friend.

Summer is a great time to meet new people and make friends, but what about that friend that you haven’t seen for two years? In the summer, there is often more time to reconnect with old friends. It’s fun to remember all the great times you’ve had in the past, and start to build new experiences too.

  1. Read a story

You’ve got a bit of extra time, so why not do some light self-development? We all have people we admire – celebrities, politicians, scientists. My footballing hero is David Beckham, and I’ve been so inspired by his journey from scrawny teen to football icon. This summer, find someone you aspire to be like and read about how they became who they are. There are great keys to life in other people’s stories.

  1. Get outside

If you’ve reconnected with an old friend, perhaps you could do this with them! Summer is hot. It’s not raining. It’s the perfect time to get outside your comfort zone and learn a new sport. What about surfing? Or rock climbing? Or if you’re looking for something with less risk of injury – archery or fishing? Apparently, even science agrees. Being outdoors improves your memory, de-stresses the mind and reduces inflammation in the body. Also, it’s fun!

  1. Rest, intentionally

Summer is a time to unwind and recharge your batteries, but it can get busy quickly. Rest is essential to our well-being, and yet we’re often quite bad at this. Why not make this the summer you learn to intentionally rest – without feeling guilty? Learning to recover and refuel is a life skill that will set you up to do even more in your busy times.

  1. Love the environment

Hopefully we’re all recycling already, but have you thought about giving up plastic bags? Having a meat-free Wednesday? Buying a reusable coffee cup and actually using it? I know you’ve been meaning to. Why not change one habit this summer for the benefit of the planet? You’ll not only feel good about yourself, the environment really will thank you too.

Dan Callan


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