Our top first date ideas in London (or anywhere)

Let’s be honest – thinking of great date ideas can freak the majority of us out. Our advice? Take the pressure off by choosing an activity you enjoy for a first date. Here are our top first date ideas in London (or anywhere).

Pub with a pool table or ping pong

Nothing beats a fruity drink and a good game of pool on a first date. If the company is right, it’s a fantastic setting for conversation to flow while you enjoy a game.

Bike rides – eg. mobike

Grab a date, grab a bike (via nifty apps like Mobike) and do some cycle-sightseeing. Exercise releases endorphins, so what better way to ensure your date has a wonderful time.

Dog meetups

If you or your date are dog lovers this is the perfect way to spend a morning. In Hyde Park for instance, I happily stumbled across a monthly “Pom-Meet.” There were close to one hundred little fluff balls of joy running around while their owners chatted over coffees and dog leads.

Live music

My personal preference is an acoustic gig, because they set the mood but still allow you to have a conversation. Good music puts you in a good mood. A good mood means a good date.

Pedalo on a lake

Nothing brings connection like fear of death by angry swan. Why not take a picnic with you to have on the water afterwards?


When a guy asks to meet for a late date at 9pm or later, I am instantly suspicious that they just want sex. If that’s not the signal you want to give, why not suggest brunch? Everybody loves brunch. Plus, if it goes well you’ve got the whole day together.


The lighting creates an undeniable ambience and it’s a quirky, fun first date idea. The added bonus – if you’re stuck for conversation you can always talk about fish.

Great first dates are low-key and easy to enjoy. Be creative, have fun – and keep a few tricks up your sleeve for later. Who knows where it could go!

Lottie Carr

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