Why marriage is in vogue (or is it?)

Do you get the feeling that marriage isn’t important anymore? A lot of what I read says marriage is on the way out. But if that’s the case, why do I find myself talking to my friends about finding the right person and one day tying the knot?

We’re not alone. 78% of teenagers want to get married eventually, according to a recent survey.

Is this the Markle effect? Does the prospect of a real prince and princess getting hitched rekindle those Disney memories of Cinderella falling into the arms of her Prince Charming? Did those childhood movies instill in us a desire for our own fairy-tale ending?

Or perhaps it’s something else.

When talking to my friends about it we agreed that despite changes in society’s standards, the “living happily after” dream is still something that many people want and believe is attainable through marriage.

My mate Ben’s parents divorced when he was little but he said that he still wants to get married and wants to avoid the same mistakes that his parents made. And yet I have other friends who call out marriage as simply a ‘bit of paper’ and that living together is safer and just as committed.

Looking at the research I’ve discovered that psychologists believe that couples who “decide” to be together (i.e make a commitment) are much more likely to stay together than those who “slide” into a relationship (i.e leave a toothbrush at your partner’s and then eventually find you’ve moved in). Researchers have also found that married couples on average have better mental and physical health.

Perhaps, no matter how trivial it may seem to some, the act of declaring vows before witnesses has a profound effect on how couples go about living out and working on a relationship.

And maybe marriage will continue to be in vogue for longer than we thought…

By Dan Callan

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