What Piers Morgan doesn’t get about being a dad

If you’re not a dad, you’re probably wondering what a papoose is. Let me help. It’s a baby sling. One that Daniel Craig carried his daughter in recently, only to have his masculinity publicly questioned by Piers Morgan. Twitter blew up (quite rightly) but I wonder – if we think nurturing isn’t masculine, what kind of fathers will we be?

My wife and I recently watched the film “Wonder.” We’ve faced a lot of health challenges with our son, so we could relate to some of the sadness, disappointment and beautiful times that families face on hard journeys.

In “Wonder,” I saw the beauty of a family where both mum and dad are nurturers and draw out the best in their child. I noticed how they connected with their son in different ways, and how important this was for his development.

Being a dad, I’ve learnt that my son needs a close, intimate relationship with me just as much as with his mum. It’s weird in the first few months of having a baby – you feel a bit of a spare part as a dad. Let’s face it, we don’t have milk! But just because we can’t breastfeed, doesn’t mean we can’t nurture.

As dads, we must value our role of nurturer in our children’s lives. Closeness with both me and his mum has been essential for my son as we’ve journeyed with him through multiple hospital experiences – and I know will continue to be important throughout his life.

So when I see Daniel Craig holding his child close, I don’t see an emasculated version of James Bond but a man fulfilling his role well as a father. And as his little girl grows up, I’m sure she will agree. He’s being the kind of father we all wish we had. Nice work, 007.

Oliver Barker

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