Is social media damaging your relationship?

Since my boyfriend and I met, social media has been central to our relationship. We swiped right together on Tinder, texted between dates, and eventually went “facebook official.” We still deal with arguments on Whatsapp and share birthdays and anniversaries on Instagram. Most of the time, I think social media adds to our relationship, but is that always the case? Here’s what my friends had to say about the damaging side of social media – and what to do!

It creates false jealousy

“My boyfriend was out one night at a work Christmas party, while I was at home with my housemates. After a few hours, he started posting photos with a few female colleagues. Instead of letting feelings of jealousy and worry build up, I just asked my boyfriend who they were straight away. He reassured me that everything was ok. It turns out, communication is key when it comes to interpreting social media!” – Jane

It’s so easy to miscommunicate

“When you’re texting, you can’t rely on facial expressions, tone of voice, or other physical cues that help you figure out what your SO actually means when they say something. Which makes it really easy to miscommunicate and end up in an argument. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, so most of our communication happens over social media. We overcame this by scheduling regular video chats.” – Sarah

It can steal time from you and your SO

“Before I met my boyfriend, I would spend hours every evening scrolling on social media. When we got together, it was hard to break the habit. My boyfriend became frustrated that I wasn’t concentrating when we’d chat. We now have a “lights out” time between 7pm and 9pm. We put our phones down and spend intentional time together.” – Beth

Social media will always be part of our lives, and let’s face it – we love it! But relationships need face-to-face time to grow well. Making sure we’re spending time together and talking things through is the key to keeping social media in its rightful place – adding to rather than damaging your relationship.

Libby Toogood


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