milennial valentine

Fairytale expectations vs Real life Valentine

By Lottie Carr

Growing up watching every chick flick under the sun, my romantic standards have always been high.

You might think that no one could reach the dizzy heights of slush set by some of Jude’s or Leonardo’s characters but reader, much to my surprise, one guy actually did.  He was my very own real life Valentine. 

It was last year and we’d only been going out for little over a month when February came around. We’d been close friends for a couple of years before so he was well aware that  I’m all about the fairy tale.

The anticipation was intense – I wondered what he would plan for me.

There was a slight problem. A trip to Spain meant I would be flying back to London late on the evening of the 14th.

When he asked me what time I’d be back home I gave him a rather vague answer. I think I was rather hoping the plane would miraculously arrive early and we’d be able to have a traditional, romantic evening.

Unfortunately my wishful thinking didn’t pay off and our car pulled up outside our house at 11pm. Oops. As I walked up the path, I saw a star-covered bag resting on the ledge by the door. Jokingly, I shouted to everyone else getting out of the car, “Ooh, who’s got a present?”

As I bounded up to the package I could see an envelope sticking out with my name on it – albeit spelled wrongly. Instantly recognising this particularly bad running joke, I knew it was my present from my admirer.  

For some privacy, I took it upstairs and found that the bag was full of shiny, pink wrapped, heart-shaped chocolates and a punnet of raspberries.

There was also an envelope and inside was something I really never thought I’d ever receive. I may have even shed a small tear because my wonderful boyfriend had written me a Valentine poem. Yes, actual poetry.

His creative flair often takes me by surprise  but this poem really blew me away.

It culminated in a rhyming couplet asking me to go out for breakfast the next morning, followed by a an affectionate ‘Call me, F’.

Well, obviously I did call him, right away.

It wasn’t the Valentine’s Day I had planned or one that you might see in the movies, but it certainly disproved any notion that romance is dead as far as the millennial generation is concerned.

It wasn’t a grandiose gesture, like arriving home to a horse-drawn carriage, it was a million times better! It was clear that he had really thought about me and what I would like.

It was simply perfect.

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