5 normal ways relationships change over time

We all love relationships when they’re in the honeymoon phase. We love that instant high when we get a midday message or planning the little things we’ll do to make our partner’s day. We’ll stay up until all hours talking and practically forget that anyone else exists. But then, things start to change. And that’s normal! In fact, things get even better. Here are 5 normal ways relationships change over time (and why it’s a good thing).


There’s less PDA

This means less hand-holding and less kissing in public places. You realise that you love each other and you don’t need to let people know it all the time.


Bodily functions are not such a big thing

Yep. The things that were mortifying in the beginning – talking about periods, admitting the curry has messed with your stomach or burping in front of each other – just becomes normal. We are all human, after all!


You spend more time doing things you enjoy – without them

As time goes on, that need to be around each other all the time lessens. It gives you time and space to enjoy other stuff. You know you love each other, and you don’t need to be with each other every second to prove it.


You become more invested in their friends and family

As your commitment grows, you’ll start to care about what your partner cares about – including their people. It can be scary meeting each other’s parents and siblings, but remember they want him/her to be happy. If they’re happy with you, they’ll love you, too.


You’ll see different sides to each other.

This means seeing each other first thing in the morning or when you’ve been crying or lounging around in your worst sweatpants. The longer you’re with someone, the more sides of them you see. And actually, this builds trust in a relationship like nothing else. The more you’re able to be real with each other, and accept each other for who you are, the more secure you’ll feel in the relationship. And that’s a really good thing.

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