X Factor taught us not to trust first impressions, but what about in dating?

We all know how X Factor works. Someone steps onto the stage not necessarily “looking the part,” but when they start to sing they sound like a combination of Fergie and Jesus. Yes, I definitely just used a Step Brothers reference. And we love it! We love to have our first impressions overruled. We love the element of surprise. And so I’m wondering – are we leaving room for the surprise factor in dating, or are we giving our first impressions too much weight? Here are a few things to think about to shake up your dating life and get you outside your usual “box.”

Ditch the “type”

“Ok, so what’s your usual type?” says the friend that either wants the goss, or the friend that is secretly in love with you and will be anything you like. But what is a “type?” They’re usually based on our preferences when it comes to things like looks or personality traits. But you wouldn’t really limit your choices by hair colour, or how tall someone is, would you? Your perfect match could be someone outside that box. Obviously, attraction is key in any relationship. But leave room to be surprised by who you find attractive once you’ve got to know their personality. Ready to put it to the test? Let a friend pick the next guy or girl you ask out. 

Don’t let their first impression be their final audition

If you’re anything like me, you have made a list in your head (or even on paper like we did at sleepovers) of the things you look for in a person. So it’s easy when you’re sitting opposite someone on a date to have the list in mind. We all put on some kind of front when we meet new people. Let’s relax on the quizzing, and remember not to make their first impression their final audition. Unless the first date wasn’t absolutely awful, go for a second. They could completely surprise you in round two.

So if you’re thinking you need to start dating outside your usual box, give it a go! Different people will bring out different parts of your personality, and that’s always fun. If your dating life hasn’t been quite as successful as you hoped, maybe it’s time to break out of your box and try a different “type.” Go for it! Have some fun!



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