Will your relationship last longer than it takes to listen to a song?

Commitment is vital for any relationship to last longer than the time it takes to listen to a song. It doesn’t always have to be full out devotion, but in order to commit to anything, we need to trust and get to know people first. At the beginning of a relationship, it’s normal to be unsure what the best next step is. You might find you change your mind constantly and keep going back to the same person only to worry and leave again.

Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max is a great way to think about this situation.

Bear with me. I know this sounds like a reach, but the lyrics really do show how it feels to be unsure about someone or what to do next. I love the way Ava talks about being confused and unsure, not knowing whether to go “left” or “right”, and sometimes ending up going both ways at the same time.

People might tell you “run away”, but only you can ever know what’s best. That’s why it can be so hard to decide how best to commit to people and even your own decisions.

Relationships can become bitter-sweet, even those with a healthy level of commitment. Some can be “tasty,” but some can be “poison,” and it really can feel like you’re “losing your mind.”

One minute you might be saying “yes,” and the next you might be saying “no,” and that’s okay. It takes time to figure out what’s best for you.

In reality, as much as we want to believe all relationships will work out, we can’t “sugarcoat” it. Sometimes it just isn’t working out. We might realise we made the wrong decision placing our trust in someone. This is why it’s okay to rethink commitment levels fr time to time, or if the commitment is right for you at all.

I bet by now, the word ‘commitment’ is really “messing with your head,” but in the end, experimenting with and understanding how to achieve a healthy balance of commitment is worth it for any relationship.

Blake Bramley


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