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Why Valentine’s Day is not worth all the hype

By Sophia Lawrence

A relationship is meant to be 24/7, 365, right? So why do we try and concentrate it down into one pink, fluffy, chocolate-coated day?

For some reason, on the 14th of February every year we are, in essence, commanded to be romantic whether we like it or not.

The messages coming from adverts, films, TV and social media make it feel as though if you don’t shower your other half with expensive gifts and posh dinner dates on Valentine’s Day then you aren’t a perfect couple.

Sometimes, this surrounding pressure compels people to make a wild purchase that they can’t (or shouldn’t) afford.

Nearly all businesses inflate their prices on Valentine’s Day. And the crazy thing is that we know it’s all marketing stunts, and yet we still line up to get ripped off!

I think we need to be thinking more about our actual relationships – rather than propping up local florists and restaurants.

Putting too much focus on the roses and dinner reservations could distract you from the challenges you might be facing as a couple.

Or even if your relationship is in a good place, a ‘perfect’ Valentine’s Day could be more pressure than you need right now!

Instead of faking romance, there’s nothing wrong with taking some time out and investing in your relationship in a low key way without it needing to be instagram worthy and picture-perfect. In my opinion real trumps over inflated-romance any day and especially on the 14th of Feb.

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