St Valentines Day and half price chocolates.


As a special for St Valentine’s Day an anonymous reader gives us their take on a day filled with chocolate, fully booked restaurants and altogether too much in the way of sob stories on the radio.

St. Valentine’s Day.

The National day for Public displays of affection (usually on public transport) and overpriced confectionary.

It’s that time of year where suddenly everything is covered in hearts and there are adverts after adverts for what you must buy your significant other; otherwise, you can’t possibly be in love with them!

Fortunately for me, I am usually single this time of year, so instead of feeling the need to buy into these marketing techniques, I get to watch rom coms alone.

The spinster years I call them, sound slightly tragic in my early twenties but I actually love it. I really haven’t felt the need to participate in Valentines and it is nice to not worry about it. I main reason I dislike St Valentine’s Day is that I think the premise is stupid.

Not because it usually involves eating a family share bag of crisps by myself, but because don’t see why showing affection or value to your partner is reserved for one day of the year.

I think we should all be showing one another that kind of love all year round.
Whether that love is platonic or romantic.


Commitment, by Nick Brewer


Instead of being a great partner or friend on that one day, be respectful the whole year instead!

I also don’t think you should settle for something just because you feel like you have to.

Again, I think that’s all year round too.

It’s easy to let your standards slip and ignore your relationship ambitions and give in to pressure, it is difficult for everyone when there’s an expectation to be in a relationship. But our self-worth is not defined by who we are dating or if we are single or not.

Similarly, you don’t have to compromise for the sake of it.

I know I have expressed a lot of discontent for the day but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating if that’s what you and your significant other(s) do.

You do you.

But equally, remember that it’s not the end of the world if you haven’t got anyone to celebrate it with romantically.

But, and perhaps most importantly, chocolate is reduced on the 15th.


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