What we can all learn from Love Island

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for two months, you’ll know the  latest series of “Love Island” has been heating up our screens. How does it work? Contestants are coupled up, have to complete challenges and then re-couple on their quest to find love (and £50 000 prize money). Think Big Brother in bikinis. It may seem trivial, but there is some relationship advice can learn from Celebrity Love Island.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Loyalty can be an advantage in the dating world, but be careful of planning the wedding and wondering what your babies would look like after the first date. Yes, we’ve all been there. But in the villa you learn quickly not to put all your eggs in one basket. Keeping your options open and giving it time is a good way to know you’ve found a good egg.

Strike the balance between being “muggy” and a “melt”

From “Muggy Megan” to “Alex the Melt,” we can either play hard to get or wear our hearts on our sleeves when dating. The strongest couples in the villa strike a balance between the two. They show enough affection to keep the others interested, but know how to keep them on their toes so they don’t get too comfortable.

Laying it on “Factor 50 thick” may get you burned

Take a leaf out of Idris’ book, and rip it into pieces. Laying it on thick and being overly flirty can look like arrogance rather than confidence. Grafting a girl or a guy is just that – hard work. Don’t come on too strong, slow down the tempo and get to know each other before getting in too deep.

Your type “on paper” may not work off the page

“If you know you know” Megan professed as she asked Wes to be her boyfriend. Megan has infamously dated countless men in the villa, but ultimately decided Wes was the one. You may assume people who are your type “on paper” will suit you, but if the connection is no more than skin deep – you might need to go back to square one.

Libby Toogood

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