Is it love? 4 signs you’ve found the real thing

I’ve always found the idea of true love quite high pressure. In fact, I sometimes wonder if we buy into some movie-style view of romance that almost never plays out the same way in real life. Yes, I’m currently in some kind of relationship, and there are feelings all over the place. But is it love? I haven’t a clue yet. The truth is, there probably is no formula. But here are four signs that might help you (and me) know if we’ve found the real thing:


You like being together

This sounds simple, but actually, enjoying being together, having a laugh and genuinely enjoying each other’s company is probably the most important part of a relationship. It just has to be fun!


You agree on the big things

Opposites attract, and it doesn’t matter so much if you disagree on which film to see or what to eat for dinner. But some of the big things do matter. If you have similar religious beliefs, personal values and political opinions (especially if these affect how you live your life) you’re more likely to stick together.


You’re willing to sacrifice for each other

How much are you willing to sacrifice for your partner? This could mean waking up at 5 a.m. to drive them to the airport, watching them play football in the freezing rain or buying them lunch. It could also mean being willing to compromise, accept their weaknesses and be vulnerable with your own issues. Sacrificing doesn’t mean you don’t feel the cost. It just means you choose to do it anyway. You know it’s worth it.


You find them attractive

Yep, this is super important. You can meet the most wonderful person in the world, have a great time, agree on the big things and be willing to sacrifice for them, but physical attraction is necessary for a lasting relationship. If you’ve got this too, who knows… you might just have found the real thing!

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