“Freckling” – the dating trend we warned you about last year

This time last year we warned you about the dating trend “freckling.” Well, it’s that time of year again kids – summer time. Are you wise to the advances of the “frecklers?” We hope so! But just in case you need a refresher, here’s a reminder of what to avoid this summer.

So, “freckling.” It’s when a person pops up for the summer, seems interested and then makes a quick exit when the weather turns cool. You get it. Like freckles. The thing about being freckled is that it’s always “almost” something, but never actually turns into a relationship. You get caught up in the flirtation of what could be – but they’re never really in it. Here’s why it’s not like a summer romance, and worth avoiding…

“Frecklers”  are already in your life

Lifestyle website Askmen were one of the first to use the term “freckling.” They say “unlike a summer fling, a passion-filled romance with someone you just met that only lasts for the summer, if you’re getting freckled, it’s often at the hands of someone you already know — or know through friends, or friends of friends.” Thanks to social media, people can stay on the edge of our lives for years, and can reconnect with just the tap of a screen whenever they want.

Ask yourself – what’s your history with your “freckler?”

If they are in your life, you probably have some kind of history. Maybe you’ve liked him (or her) for a while. Maybe you’ve hooked up once before, or flirted at a wedding, but nothing ever happened. And now the DM’s are flying and it feels like it might be a thing. But is it? Sometimes a summer fling with a stranger is less messy than testing the waters with friends and friends of friends, especially if you think they might just be in it short term.

How do you know if you’re being “freckled” or found the real thing?

According to Askmen, the key is to pay attention to how seriously your guy (or girl) is treating your interactions. Are you hanging out one-on-one? Have you met their family? Do they acknowledge you on social media? No? Then think about how you’ll feel if they disappear with your freckles. Choose relationships that value you for who you are, and what you’re building together.

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