8 New Year relationship resolutions you could have


1) Go on more long walks together

Take some time, drive to somewhere in the countryside, get out and walk. Long walks are great for many reasons. They create memories, they often provide some epic views that are always picture worthy, and to top it off, they’re actually really good for you! Committing to going on long walks with your partner may be a great benefit to both your relationship and your health.

2) Go on more dates

Arranging a date night once a week can be very enjoyable and sometimes necessary, especially in the midst of packed schedules. Making sure you are committing time to spend and enjoy with each other is really healthy for a relationship, especially in relationships that have been going on for a longer time and spending time with each other doesn’t come as easily as it used to when you were younger.

3) Experience new things together

Broadening your horizons and expanding your mind to other experiences is always good to do on your own. But doing it with your partner just further develops the bond between the two of you and creates new and unforgettable memories that enhances the relationship as a whole.

4) Cook more meals for each other

Sometimes the most romantic of gestures is taking the time to cook your partner’s favourite meal and having an evening in with each other. Dates don’t have to be glamorous and expensive to be meaningful. Just a homemade dinner with candles and wine, you’re all set!

5) Compliment each other more often

It doesn’t take a lot to brighten up your partner’s day and a few kind words can go a long way. Compliments are such an easy thing to do, but so easy to forget to do. It also comes down to noticing things that are different with your partner, be it new clothes or a haircut – show you care about the little things.

6) Go on a diet together

This may be a resolution you’re wishing to carry out anyway, but it helps to have someone with you on a diet to act as something like an accountability partner. It is also nice be with someone who can share in your discomfort, encourage you to carry on, and vice versa.

7) Work out together

Similar to the resolution above, lifestyle changes are always easier with the support and encouragement of another individual and can also develop a stronger bond between the two of you.

8) Be more honest and open with each other

Being honest and open with your partner is something that is a common area to need growth in. Young and old couples alike can struggle to communicate thoughts and feelings with each other and whilst it is something that will develop over time, there still needs to be a conscious effort to be more transparent with your partner. It will only seek to benefit your relationship.

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