7 fun things to do together sober

Having fun in a relationship is not all about getting drunk and belting out Bohemian Rhapsody on a half empty dance floor in the local pub (even though we’ve all been there and had a great time). Here are a few fun things to do together sober.

Mini Golf

Mini golf is usually fairly cheap and doesn’t require much skill to have a fun time. Even if you wanted to drink, it would be difficult as you navigate the small windmills and hills that make up the course. It also adds a little competition which can spice things up.

Rock Climbing

A great way to stay active, fun, competitive – and if you play it right – the perfect place to flirt with each other.

The Fair

No one is going to want to drink alcohol right before going on a rickety old ride or the dodgems. The fair is such a classic date destination, it will turn up the romance without the aid of alcohol.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is another fun activity to have a laugh falling over together and generally mucking around. Also, it often requires quite a lot of physical contact, just saying. Also – don’t do what I did and slip over and crack your head open.


The museum is a slightly more relaxed idea. Whether it’s art or natural history, museums are a great place to enjoy each other’s company whilst expanding your knowledge. The displays are easy conversation starters, too.


The theatre doesn’t have to be the West End to be a good time. Community theatres will have cheap tickets and it’s always fun (either because the standard is great or so poor that it’s funny).


I know there’s a lot of physical activity on this list, but getting fit together will make you both feel great in a way that getting drunk can’t – and a hike is a great way to stay healthy and enjoy the nature around you. Exercise releases endorphins, which means you’ll both have happy feelings about being together. What’s not to love about that!

What are your favourite things to do together sober?

Dan Callan

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