We asked people how they knew they’d found “the one” and here’s what they said…

We asked people how they knew they’d found “the one” and here’s what they said…

In the past few months I’ve had a lot of conversations with people about marriage. How do we feel about this concept of sticking to one person for a lifetime? Some felt they would never be able to commit to only one person – how would they know if they’d chosen well? I asked a few people how they knew their partner was “the one.”

“It wasn’t that there was a specific moment when I realised he was “the one.” It was that I realised living without him would be unbearable.” – Ella, London, married 40 years

“I knew he was “the one” because I’d grown out of believing in “the one” before I met him. But with him – I felt a deep sense of peace. Not the chaotic, changing emotions I’d felt with previous boyfriends. Just a security – with my whole self I knew he was for me.” – Emily, Harrogate, married for 2 years

“I knew my partner was “the one” because I had so much respect for who he was. From the moment I met him, he inspired me.”  – Sophie, Somerset, married for 3 years

“She became my biggest distraction. I felt more alive, more myself and more human when we were together and now – I couldn’t imagine having it any other way.” – Josh, Harrogate, married for 2 years

“It all happened very quickly for us – we were engaged seven weeks after we met. It was fun and unpredictable, but our values matched. It just fell into place and we both knew we wanted to get married – soon!” – Clare, Bristol, married for 28 years

“I had a fear of commitment so I didn’t know straight away. But gradually as we grew together I realised that I loved her, and wanted only her.”  – John, Bristol, married for 25 years

“It was easy, it just happened. I didn’t have to think about whether it was right. It just was right.” – Sophie, Torquay, married for 33 years

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