9 best relationships on TV

Today is World Television Day (hooray!) And to celebrate, Status is looking at some of the best relationships on the small screen.

By Jamie Trezise

1. Ross and Rachel (Friends)

Credit: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions


Let’s start with one of the best loved TV couple, Ross and Rachel. Ross achieved what not many people have done; he escaped the friend-zone.  Ross was always a great father to Emma, and clearly loved Rachel from their first ever meeting until the final scene. And just to be clear, THEY WERE ON A BREAK.


2. Penny and Leonard (The Big Bang Theory)

Credit: Chuck Lorre Productions/Warner Bros. Television


Although they were on and off more than a light switch, Penny and Leonard’s relationship is what kept most of the viewers hooked on the science-based show. Although they are very different people, their relationship seemed to just work. It gave inspiration to geeks everywhere that they could end up with a beautiful blonde. I’m still waiting for mine…


3. Charlie and Zoey (The West Wing)

Credit: John Wells Productions/Warner Bros. Television


Ever since they were introduced in the first season of The West Wing, viewers across the world were rooting for the President’s daughter and his aide. This relationship caused all sorts of issues, but they were my favourite couple by far.


4. Piper and Alex (Orange is the New Black)

Credit: Lionsgate Television/Tilted Productions


Originally, the audience hated Alex for putting Piper in the minimum security prison, but over time their relationship has grown, as has our love for them. Their prison relationship has had its ups and downs, but it certainly caused plenty of drama.


5. Cam and Mitch (Modern Family)

Credit: 20th Century Fox Television


Cam and Mitch are the couple that make Modern Family so great. Their bickering, campness and flamboyancy create a very interesting story to follow. Their wedding was a landmark moment, showing the progression in LGBT exposure in mainstream US television.


6. Frankie and Mike Heck (The Middle)

Credit: Blackie and Blondie Productions/
Warner Bros. Television


Frankie’s life is always so chaotic, with three very interesting kids, and she relies a lot on her laidback husband Mike. Mike works so hard to help fund the family, who are having financial issues, and Frankie is a rock to her kids. As a couple, they help create the best family possible in their circumstances.


7. Atticus and Rose (Downton Abbey)

Credit: ITV Studios/Carnival Films


This is a classic romance, as it started with a basic act of chivalry of holding an umbrella. Rose and Atticus get ready to take on the world together, and have a solid relationship. The period drama had plenty of relationships to choose from, but there was only one clear winner.


8. Miranda and Gary (Miranda)

Credit: BBC


This is another classic will-they-won’t-they, which ended in the best possible way. Miranda and Gary are another unlikely couple, but Gary didn’t care that Miranda was clumsy, flatulent or bonkers. He loved her for who she was. And the final episode’s wedding was perfect, complete with galloping!


9. Glenn and Maggie (The Walking Dead)

Credit: AMC Studios


A zombie thriller isn’t the first place that you would expect to find a romantic couple. But it certainly is the place to maintain it. When the odds are stacked against you, couples like Glenn and Maggie only get stronger. And they can still have a laugh along the way! Maggie and Glenn were destined to be married, it’s just a shame that it can’t happen during an apocalypse.

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