8 ways to survive summer separation

It’s the time of year when you might be separated from your S.O. How do you deal with the separation? How do you cope with it? Here are Status’ top tips for how to survive summer separation…

1) Establish rules before you are separate.

Make each other aware of what you both expect from each other whilst you’re not together – how often you’re going to talk, boundaries etc. It makes both of you feel aware of where the line is and how not to cross it.


2) Call them instead of text.

Whilst texting is convenient and easy sometimes, it’s easier to communicate more effectively using your actual voice. It’s also nicer to hear someone’s voice than to just see words on a screen. Facetime and Skype are even better still as you get to see their lovely face too!


3) Organise set time to speak to each other.

Setting specific times to have these conversations allows each of you to not feel like you’re overstepping certain boundaries. It allows each of you to live your life with the promise of time talking with your partner to keep you happy.


4) Keep each other updated with notable things occurring in your life.

It is important that you keep your partner in the loop with the things going on in your life. They want to feel like they’re part of it, and being away from each other makes it harder to feel like that – so keeping them updated when you can will mean a lot to your significant other.


5) Give each other space.

Talking all day every day is not healthy when away from each other. It is good to have some time to yourself because whilst your partner is a big part of your life, they are not your whole life, and it’s important to maintain the regular activities in your life without your partner having a part in all of them. It also makes it more enjoyable to speak to them when you actually do.


6) Visit each other if possible.

If it’s possible, occasional visits are the best way to keep the spark going. They don’t have to be very often but it’s a nice way to remind each other that you care about each other enough to travel the distance to see each other.


7) Stay busy.

Just because you are away from each other doesn’t mean you should stay at home and sulk about it. Doing things like work or hanging with your other friends are a good way to take your mind off missing your significant other.


8) Be creative.

Find other ways of communicating from time to time. Send postcards, write letters, send funny presents etc. It shows you both care enough to make an effort whilst you’re separate from each other, and those things would be nicer than just receiving a “good morning” text.

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