Our 8 favourite on-screen couples that stayed together despite all the odds


It’s easy to see that couples go through a lot in films.  With car crashes, explosions, fights and destruction, relationships in films are maybe a little harder to maintain than in real life.

In perspective, looking at the problems most poor couples have in films, the little arguments we have with our other halves really seem like nothing at all, even at their most explosive.

In this list, we look at 8 of our favourite on screen couples who faced the odds and managed to stay together throughout it all.  Some of the couples in this list may surprise you, but it can really be seen that no matter what genre of film, there’s usually a strong couple to be found!


1. The Notebook

One of cinemas most famous romantic films, The Notebook tells the story of an ageing man, Noah, recounting the story of how he met the love of his life to his ailing soulmate Allison.  We see the beginnings of the relationship, and how the couple fuss and fight like every couple does, before Allison moves away, ending their relationship.  Even though Noah goes to war and Allison meets another man, the second they set eyes on each other again their romance re blossoms.  We then see the couple elderly, with Allison battling dementia, but even with this difficult obstacle, Noah still loves her right until their very last moments together.  A very strong couple if there ever was one.


2. Titanic

The story of Titanic is a true classic of cinema and one of the highest grossing films of all time, and a big part of that has to do with the relationship of the lead characters Jack and Rose.  The scenes with them together, including them posing on the end of the boat, and Jack’s ultimate demise, are truly iconic and have been often talked about.  What isn’t mentioned as much is the problems they had to endure.  The class struggle present in the film put a strain on their relationship, as does the fact Rose has an overbearing fiancé constantly causing the couple trouble.  And of course the fact they are on the world’s most famous sinking ship can’t help matters much either.


3. Django Unchained

Poor Django.  He really did endure a lot in Django Unchained.  From having his wife kidnapped and sold into slavery, to himself then being captured, tortured and sold into slavery, Django went through it all to save his wife.  He even had to witness his best friend die and watch a man be eaten by dogs!  In true Tarantino fashion, however, Django did finally get his very bloody revenge on those who sought to kill him, and his love for his wife can show just how far a man will go for his lady.


4. Natural Born Killers

Okay, so maybe when you think of classic movie couples, Natural Born Killers isn’t always the first natural stop, but you can’t deny these two loved each other!  Sure, their love involved the bloody murder of many innocent people, but it began with good intentions, in a way.  Saving each other from very traumatic childhoods, Mickey and Mallory kill their abusive families and then begin to tour the country murdering for fun, all the while being chased by the police.  They may have been villains, but their relationship lasted throughout it all in this disturbing flick.


5. Shrek

Onto a much happier couple now, the story of Shrek really shows how love is more than just skin-deep.  Shrek saves the princess Fiona and, after a rocky start, the two find that they have a lot in common, despite Shrek being a green ogre.  As the film progresses, Fiona’s secret of also being an ogre becomes revealed, and although she initially saw it as a problem, Shrek helps her realise that it really isn’t.  Love being more than just physical appearance is an important story any film can tell to real-life couples, and Shrek does it well.


6. Dirty Dancing

Another classic love story, Dirty Dancing sees the couple of the film, Frances and Johnny, fight through disapproving parents, a huge age-gap, abortions, fights, and much more.  But the relationship, and particularly the dancing, are the things we remember of this classic film, and being able to fight through all these huge odds shows why the duo are one of our favourite on screen couples.


7. Meet The Parents

Meeting your other half’s parents is always a nerve racking experience, but when the father of your wife is Robert de Niro, then it becomes about 100 times worse! This is exactly what happens to Ben Stiller’s character in Meet the Parents, but this is no ordinary Robert de Niro he is going up against.  This is crazy, CIA cat-loving florist Robert de Niro, arguably at his most intimidating since Taxi Driver.  Being able to not only survive with this man as your father-in-law but to also get him to respect you is a testament to how Stiller and his wife fight through all the odds in this film.  He truly is a lucky Focker.

8. National Lampoon’s Vacation

We all know families where there’s an overexcited dad, who always wants to be the ultimate father figure: playing catch with his son, roasting marshmallows around an open fire, and  taking their families on the holiday of their dreams.  Now imagine this man being Chevy Chase.  Throughout the four National Lampoon films involving the Griswald family, Chevy Chase subjects his family, and most notably his poor wife Beverly D’Angelo, to many hilarious situations that would be a test for any relationship.  Kidnapping, high-speed chases, fights with Europeans and electrocuting cats are only a few of Chase’s past-times we see in the film series, but despite all this, the couple stays together.  It is truly a miracle when you really think about it!

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