7 ways to connect well with anyone in your life

Being able to form a bond and maintaining that bond with anyone – partners, family, work colleagues, the new neighbour – makes for happy living. So, here are 7 ways to connect well with anyone in your life:

  1. Do the simple things

    Liking an Instagram photo, sending an emoji on Facebook messenger, sending a funny video on Whatsapp – these are easy things you can do to show someone you’re thinking of them.

  2. Use positive words

    Some really clever people have found scientific evidence to confirm that we are much more likely to remember negative criticisms than positive comments. No one is suggesting avoiding difficult conversations, but use positive words to get your views across.

  3. Be open-minded

    Whether you agree with someone’s choice or not, you’re likely to be appreciated for showing you respect their right to choose for themselves, however bonkers or legit it might seem.

  4. Understand what you want from your connectee

    With family, this is easy peasy, but with others, where the relationship is not as defined, it may be tricky. E.g. Do you want to be bezzie mates with your flatmate or are you happy just being casual friends? Understanding what you want will help you know how much to invest in each relationship.

  5. Create a rhythm

    Can you make Thursdays, text message Thursdays to the parents? Could Saturday mornings be, breakfast in bed Saturdays for your partner? How about lunch together Tuesdays with work colleagues? If you’re intentional about your relationships, you’re likely to see results

  6. Be a good listener

    In these days of our increased ability to multitask (apparently), it’s easy to be Snapchatting away while on the phone. Being a good listener is an amazing way to show that you actually care.

  7. Compliment, compliment, compliment!

    You can never give too many compliments (okay, maybe you can). But as a general rule of thumb, if you’re thinking something nice about someone, including the random stranger in the pub, just say it! Showing people in your life that you care is always a winner.

by Dee Thompson

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