7 ways to reinvent yourself before starting something new in September

The summer is a great opportunity to discover who you are, and who you are not. As many of us are heading off to pastures new, summer can be a great opportunity to reinvent yourself, and try something different. And you can do those things without the pressure of knowing the people around you!

1. Get a new haircut

A new haircut is something which is simple to do, and can be as extreme as you like; whether it’s a few inches shorter, or something bolder like a colour change. But I don’t recommend doing a Britney…


2. Read a book

Now I’m not saying you should re-read the Harry Potter series or The Lord of the Rings… Finding a new book is one of the best feelings, and if it has a moral, all the better. Although they were probably completely overdone during your GCSEs, books like Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and Animal Farm by George Orwell mean so much to so many, and have had a great influence on some of the best.


3. Try out a new sport

Summer is the best time to take up a new sport, as the summer sports such as cricket and tennis are in full swing, and the pre-seasons for the winter sports such as rugby, football and netball are about to commence. Sport is a great way to get fit, get out the house and most importantly, find a community. Getting involved in a sport is about more than the playing, it’s about the social aspect as well.


4. Buy a new (and different) outfit

Now I’m certainly not Gok Wan (I was once spotted sporting Crocs with skinny jeans), but trying some new clothes and outfits can be a great – whether it’s bolder colours, a new style of top, or a totally new type of shoe. What clothes you wear can say a lot about what you are like. And what’s great about this is you don’t have to spend a lot of money! Charity shops are great places to help reinvent your look.


5. Listen to new music

Music is a big part of what makes up a person, so trying to get into new music is a hard thing to do. But music services like Spotify or Apple Music put together great playlists for each genre to help you find a new sound. So whether you’re into your indie, you grimace at grime, or you cry at classic rock, it’s always worth trying something new.


6. Visit a new place

Now this one can be as cheap or as expensive as you want – it could be as simple as going to a local park you haven’t been to before, or going to a different country. Spending time in a new place is a great way to find out about yourself, about what you like and don’t like. Visiting new cultures really does help you find out more about yourself, and will always change something about you, in a big way or a small way.


7. Take up a new hobby

Whether it’s playing an instrument, knitting, or doing arts and crafts, a hobby can define who you are. Spending the time and effort in learning or creating something can change who you are, make you more patient and more creative. Plus, who doesn’t love a musician?

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