7 things we’ve learned about relationships from The Only Way Is Essex

TOWIE. Some find it addictive. Some would rather stick pins in their eyes than watch it. But no matter what you think of the show, there is plenty we can learn about relationships from the reality TV phenomenon.

1) Having a large audience to your relationship can be pressuring

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Yes, we know this may seem obvious, but having loads of people taking an interest isn’t helpful. Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklenburg were first seen together in Series 3 of TOWIE in 2011, and Mario popped the magic question in 2012. But Mario later admitted that he felt pressured by fans and ITV bosses to propose for the programme. This sends us right back into the playground, where young love was surrounded by a crowd, chanting for them to hold hands.


2) Relationships are like light-switches…

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On and off multiple times a day.  Original cast members Lydia Bright and James Argent were always a fan favourite. But James’ big love of partying was almost the polar opposite of Lydia, who was always more of a homely character. This led to the on and off relationship that we got to know so well. Sometimes there are times in relationships when a break can help you realise what you have. But there has to be a line…


3) Embrace your size

Credit: TOWIE, ITV


Gemma Collins. What a character. Having dropped out of I’m a Celebrity… very early on, she is now the face of many a meme. But she has been a positive role model for a lot of people. After a brief relationship in 2012, James Argent disrespected her while away in Marbella. Gemma stood up to him, saying “I am f***ing sexy, James. You think I’m pretty but I’m too fat to go out with you. I might not be a size ten but I’ve got a good heart.” Good on you, Gemma!


4) Don’t sext someone who isn’t your partner

Credit: TOWIE, ITV


We thought this one would be obvious, but Pete Wicks didn’t quite get the memo it seems. Pete and partner Megan McKenna were on holiday in Marbs, but this didn’t quite do it for Pete, as he sent X-rated photos to another girl. Loyalty is really important in relationships, and Pete definitely regrets his naughty texting spree.


5) Trust is key

Credit: TOWIE, ITV


Danielle Armstrong and James Lock got together in 2013, but things didn’t quite go to plan, as Dani had a few trust issues. She admitted she was scared about Lockie texting other girls. It’s a very common fear, but relationships require trust. Just because a guy texts a girl, or vice versa, that doesn’t necessarily mean that something is going on. Boy and girls can be friends after all…


6) Try and avoid a public break-up

Credit: TOWIE, ITV


The best kind of break-ups, we tend to find, are the ones we don’t hear about. That way, healing time can occur without a lot of questions. Charlie Sims didn’t adopt this tactic during his 2015 break-up from Ferne McCann. He dumped her from Twitter and quite TOWIE in spectacular fashion. At least it wasn’t on Bebo…


7) Relationships are simply very different on TV

Credit: TOWIE, ITV


If you look at the drama on TV, compared to the relationships around you, there is a big difference. TOWIE makes relationships almost seem unpleasant as there is constant bickering and big cat fights. But it is important to remember not everything you see on TOWIE may be what it seems…

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