7 best relationships in superhero films

The long-awaited superhero film, Justice League, is out in cinemas tomorrow (Friday 17th November), so Status thought it would be cool to do a run-down of some of the best relationships, romantic or not, in superhero films. You won’t find the usual suspects, like Superman and Lois Lane, or Batman and Catwoman, but there are a few usual ones among the surprises. Enjoy!

By Rob Edwards

1. Captain America and Winter Soldier (the Captain America films)

Let us start with a the purest of all relationship types: The Bromance. Now Captain Steve “America” Rogers and Bucky “The Winter Soldier” Barnes love each other dearly, and it is a love that has survived 70 years of being on ice, Nazis, and Steve awkwardly kissing  a woman right in front of Bucky. Still Bucky forgave this little indiscretion and they’re now on holiday in a futurist African super-state.


2. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man 1 and 2)

Ok now this is the purest of all comic book romantic relationships. Boy meets girl, boy acquires superpowers and a secret identity who the girl then falls for before eventually realising she loves the boy behind the mask.

Like all relationships, it had some ups and downs: her being continually put in danger by an assortment of men in high-budget Halloween costumes certainly being a down. Still the course of love never did run smooth and let’s all forget her getting engaged to that astronaut for a bit…

Also, can I just say how cute I thought Andrew Garfield’s and Emma Stone’s portrayal of Peter and Gwen was in those two really bad Amazing Spider-Man films? I know they were dating at the time so that might have had something to do with it.


3. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts (the Iron Man and Avengers films)

As a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist myself, I know how hard is to find someone who will tolerate my nonsense. Unfortunately I never had the foresight to hire someone to put up with my crap before they fell head over heels for me. This relationship is all about being willing to accept someone’s quirks. In our world, that means putting up with her clarinet-playing or his obsession with My Little Pony.

While this particular relationship appears to have stalled of late, there is always hope that they can get back together (maybe when Gwyneth Paltrow is free to film a couple of scenes.)


4. Black Widow and Hawkeye (The Avengers)

Not a romantic relationship but one of best friends who’ve bonded over a very long and very weird career. When we first met these two we all thought there was something going on, but nope, he’s happily married (shout out to Mrs Hawkeye for being totally okay with Clint’s avenging) and she is after someone a little bigger…


5. Bruce Banner and Black Widow (The Avengers: Age of Ultron)

One of the smaller things I loved in Age of Ultron was the small romance between Bruce Banner and Black Widow. On paper it doesn’t make much sense but when you see those two on screen it’s perfect. They’re both detached from the rest of world by necessity and they find it hard to open up to anyone. Sure, the relationship is cut short by one of them leaving very dramatically, but I do still have hopes it could be rekindled in Infinity War.


6. Aunt May and Uncle Ben (Spider-Man)

Okay, granted he is dead. Like, always super dead within the first half hour of any Spider-Man thing, but still they are the ideal comic-book relationship. Decades of being content in one another’s company and raising an orphan like he’s their own. Maybe it’s not the most amazing or sexy relationship (although Marisa Tomei as Aunt May has kind of upped the pwhoar factor there), but in many ways it’s the greatest because they make it work and they raise a good kid.


7. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman)

One of the most pleasant cinema-going experiences I’ve had of late was watching this year’s Wonder Woman, with a big highlight being the relationship between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. They’re only together a short while before parting ways (hopefully that is spoiler-free enough), but in that time he opens up the rest of the world to her while she is just generally badass in every way. Behind all the fish-out-of-water and different cultures clashing, there is something very touching about the romance these two share. One I would have loved to have seen more of.


P.S. Anyone asking why Harley Quinn and the Joker were not included in this list, it is because their relationship is vile and just uncomfortable to watch. Plus I refuse to mention Jared Leto.

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