The 5 funniest/most unique marriage proposals

The 5 funniest/most unique marriage proposals

Popping the question can be hard.  Many people dream of their big day, so there’s obviously a lot of pressure for the proposal to be good.

Simply going down on one knee doesn’t seem to be the only way to propose now, and it seems as if people are going above and beyond, sometimes quite literally, to surprise their partner.

Candlelit dinners and romantic strolls to sentimental places have been joined by rock concerts, boats, planes, and all sorts of other crazy places for marriage proposals.

Here we have a list of 5 of the more unusual and unique marriage proposals out there:


1) A wrestling ring.

We all have arguments with our partners from time to time, but imagine being able to settle your differences inside a ring! Well, luckily here, the couple are both professional wrestlers!

Wrestling often has many surprises through its storylines and developments in the ring, usually to fool the fans, but here, we see that the female wrestler is also not totally in on the act.

Halfway through the match, while distracted, her boyfriend and opponent in the match, goes to a nearby bag.  Here he pulls out a ring and proposes, but after she says yes, he uses the distraction to win the match! A very unique proposal if there ever was one!


2) Skydiving

10,000 feet up in the air, getting ready to jump out of a plane probably isn’t most people’s idea of a romantic setting, but it certainly is unique!

While skydiving out of a plane, this man decided it would be a good time to propose while his other half was holding onto him for dear life before falling from him to complete their parachute jump.

Thank goodness she said yes otherwise this would be a terrible fall from grace! And luckily he was able to hold onto the ring the whole time; it would probably be hard to find if he dropped it.


3) A flash mob dance

Strolling along on a summer day, this couple come across two girls dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”.

All is not as it seems, however, as more and more people start to join the dance.  As the dance gets bigger and bigger, the man from the couple also joins in.

At the conclusion of the song he proposes to sounds of applause.  Bruno must have liked the video himself, as the video became the official music video for the song!


4) Underwater diving

While deep-sea diving, you may expect to find a lot of different things.  The many fish that populate the sea-bed, maybe a sunken shipwreck, but a ring? Probably not what you’d expect.

This is why it makes such a good proposal spot.  In this video, the woman being proposed to has no idea what’s going to happen, and being underwater, how can she say yes? Luckily her partner has come prepared with a pen and paper.  Hopefully their marriage goes swimmingly from here!


5) Peter Pan show

On the stage, the main thing that actors hope for is that all goes to plan.  All the rehearsals, practices, and long hours of work can all go to waste if something goes wrong.

Imagine how scary it must be then, when mid song, your co actor, who just happens to be your boyfriend, stops singing, and starts breaking character.

This is exactly what happens here, as Peter Pan proposes to his Wendy halfway through their performance.  Obviously shocked, the actress struggles to control her emotions, and happily says yes to her partner.

It’s a truly unexpected and loving proposal to watch, and probably gave the audience as good a show as they would have seen anyway.

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