5 Female Role Models worthy of a follow

Looking for some inspiration from Female Role Models? Looking for some motivation? Well, look no further as we bring to you, five amazing women, whose achievements are sure to give you that extra boost, so get ready to start hitting follow on Instagram!

Jessica Ennis-Hill

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Jessica is a two-time Olympic medal winning heptathlete who won the gold medal in 2012. Remarkably one of her Olympic triumphs came a couple of years after she had taken some time off to have her baby! Still in a steady relationship with her high-school sweetheart, she is a great example of following your dreams, doing your best to excel and maintaining a loving relationship at the same time.

Karen Brady

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Karen Brady makes us feel like we can achieve anything! Watching her on the Apprentice express herself with such confidence, even amidst all the drama of the boardroom, is always so inspiring. This is a lady who, despite being in a male dominated world (being the manager of a male football team and turning their fortunes around), is a great example of being yourself and still being successful.


Emma Watson

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Probably most famous for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter films, it is also very inspiring to know that Emma is a strong advocate for women’s equality. As well as being a fashion model and an in-demand actress, Emma admirably uses her position and fame to organise campaigns promoting women’s rights and is a UN Goodwill Ambassador too! What a girl!


Victoria Beckham

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With the recent news of Spice Girls reunion (although it may be that she might be giving this one a miss), Victoria is a great model of balancing family life, building a fashion brand and still being so uber-cool! It’s amazing how, even though she is married to a really famous celebrity and one of the most handsome men on earth (apparently), she celebrates family life, making motherhood and marriage so attractive!


Katie Piper

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Katie is a survivor of a burns attack from a jealous ex-lover and despite this terrible ordeal has chosen to continue to live life to the full. She is a very beautiful lady who has not allowed her scars to dictate what is possible for her or cause her to withdraw into a shell. She has even recently had a baby and now has two baby girls with her husband.

by Dee Thompson


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