4 great places to take your partner in December

By Josh Bovington

Whenever Christmas time comes along there’s usually a familiar routine that comes every year with it.  The elaborate decorations, the annoying songs and the over the top meals are all part of the Christmas parcel, and eventually, it can get a bit boring.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t other options for you and your other half in the build up to the big day.  There are plenty of different Christmas events that you and your partner can attend to get you into the Christmas spirit.

So if you’re looking for a surprise Christmas trip for you and your other half, maybe consider some of these:


1) Ice Skating

Ice skating seems to pop up a lot around many parts of the country around Christmas time, and even if you’re not a fan of taking part yourself, there’s still a lot of fun to be had watching.

Some good sites to ice skate, or watch people falling over, are Hampton Court Palace, Westfield shopping centre, and the Tower of London to name a few.

Seeing people attempting to keep their balancing with such impressive backdrops can really get you in the festive spirit, and taking your loved one can also make for some funny moments.

You will either marvel at their skating abilities, or laugh at their clumsy attempts.  It’s a win-win either way.


2) Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is usually the first port of call for a lot of Christmassy couples.

The huge site encompasses market stalls, the previously mentioned ice skating, rollercoaster rides, many bars, and live bands, all ready to get you into the Christmas mood.

Sure it can get extremely busy at times, but time it right and you can find yourself having a great experience.

It also gives you an excuse to cuddle up to your partner on the rides, or win them a present at one of the various games.


3) Christmas themed films

Credit: New Line Cinema


A new trend that has emerged in recent years is that of themed cinema screenings.

Groups such as Secret Cinema have turned various classic film screenings into immersive experiences, such as recreating the Back to the Future and Star Wars universes.

The latest trend has seen the creation of Christmassy landscapes to show festive films such as Elf and Home Alone, with Christmassy forests and icy grottos being the setting, with bean bags and beds as seats.

This would be the perfect place for a romantic Christmas experience.


4) Christmas pubs

Now I know a trip to the pub isn’t the most adventurous thing in the world, but some places have gone above and beyond creating a festive environment.

There are pubs such as The Churchill Arms in Kensington, which has covered the entire front of the pub in Christmas trees, or The Marine in Eastbourne, which decorates its entire ceiling with baubles and tinsel.

There are many others too, so with a bit of a search, you can find the perfect festive-filled pub to take your partner to.

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