10 ways relationships change over time and how not to panic!

Relationships change over time. That’s a fact. Here are just some of the ways they do, and how to deal with each of them!


1) You might not spend as much time with each other

As time goes on you won’t need to be around each other as much. Not because you don’t love each other but because you’re sure you do love each other, and you don’t need to constantly be around each other to prove it.

Don’t panic! This shows trust is growing in your relationship.


2) You might not message each other as much

Similarly to the point above, you won’t have to be a constant voice in their ear or text on their phone to be a part of their life.

Non-stop communication doesn’t mean you have a healthy relationship, and so giving each other space both physically and electronically is important.


3) The way you talk to each other will change

It is natural that your conversations, both in tone and content, will change over time. There will be a certain ease and openness with each other that wasn’t there at the start.

This may come across as your partner not making as much effort with you, but it points to a greater level of comfort with each other.


4) You’ll see different sides to each other

As this level of comfort grows, you may allow each other to see a side of you that you wouldn’t have before. This comes out of a place of trust, and it’s important that you make each other feel accepted despite both of your flaws.


5) You might have to deal with distance for a period of time

Over the stretch of a long term relationship, things may result in you having to be away from each other for a while. If dealt with well, this has no reason to be a significant problem.

If you love each other and are committed to making it work, this should be easy to overcome and will only help to strengthen your relationship. Also, it won’t last forever!


6) You’ll be less embarrassed by bodily functions

You’ll also begin to realise that everyone’s human! Certain things that you can’t help to do, the other person can’t help to do either!

This is where you really get comfortable with each other and where you really find out how much you love each other.


7) You’ll perform less PDA

This means less hand-holding and less kissing in public places. You realise that you love each other and you don’t need to let people know it all the time.


8) You’ll bicker more often

Where before you wouldn’t want to disagree with what your partner said so you didn’t offend them, you’ll find you’re more willing to challenge each other more, which will likely lead to bickering!

But that can lead to growth and understanding within the relationship.


9) You’ll spend more time with each other’s family and friends

While it may seem daunting to meet family members and close friends of your partner, it shows that they want to show you off and they’re proud of you. And don’t worry, they’ll love you!


10) You care less about the way you look in front of each other


There comes a point where the aim isn’t to be cool in front of the other person, but to be yourself. Along with all your flaws and imperfections.

It goes from “I love them because…” to “I love them despite…”.  Ultimately, the greatest sign of your relationship’s growth is that you are more comfortable around each other.

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