Robin Hood – a hero’s strategy to win back the girl

The new Robin Hood film (starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx) is set in the middle ages, but everything about it is straight out of the 21st Century. The set design, costumes, language and feel are modern and relatable – including the classic love triangle between Robin, his former lover Marianne and her new man Will. The plot? Robin’s been away at war and has returned to find the love of his life in the arms of another man. We get it. Having feelings for someone when they only have eyes for someone else is the worst. So how do we get their attention (or win them back?) What I found fascinating was how Robin won back his girl. Did you pick up this hero’s strategy? Here it is – he doesn’t try.

Actions speak louder than words

Well, he doesn’t beg and grovel, anyway. Instead, he focuses his energy on his own life, and through fighting for what’s important to him, demonstrates the man he truly is. I think it’s interesting that when we’re trying to win someone back, or win them at all, we often make all kinds of promises and show our best side. But if this isn’t authentic, sooner or later the person will see through it. For example, look at the character of Will. Will has the girl, but as the plot develops we see the “nice guy” turn into a pretty selfish guy. One who is only interested in political goals. Marianne then gets to make her choice based on who these two men have proved themselves to be. The bottom line – who you are day to day, what you fight for and the choices you make speak louder than your words.

Authenticity wins the girl

The truth is, authenticity will always be revealed over time, and this is what really matters. A connection won’t last if you’re not being your authentic self. And this is why Marianne is able to see through Will, and can’t resist the man Robin has proven himself to be. After all, there is nothing more appealing than someone who is strong in who they are, and will fight for what matters to them. Good choice, Marianne.

Dan Callan

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