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AS we head toward St Valentines Day, many of us think about love and commitment, Jayde Edwards is involved with one of our Partner Organisations, Straight Talking, and here she gives us her take on commitment. 

Commitment can be defined as ‘the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity’.

This definition can sound very easy to understand.

But when demonstrated in everyday life, it could seem almost impossible, especially when you’re a young mother.

I found it extremely difficult to be committed to anything when I first had my baby, although I could say I was committed to being a mother or taking care of my young son.

When it came to going back to college or completing a task such as a job application I almost found myself exhausted or unbothered to do anything.

I think this was because I lacked self-motivation and I did not have any goals that I wanted to sincerely achieve.

After getting into the routine of things such as being a mother, accepting that I was a young mother and that I was solely responsible for creating a brighter future for my son, that is when I understood what commitment meant, not as what the dictionary defines it as but as implementing it in my everyday life.

How does this work again?

I managed to get the necessary qualifications that I needed in order to get into university which has been one of my biggest goals since having my son, and because nobody in my family has graduated this was an example that I wanted to set for my son so that he could look up to somebody and be inspired.

Even if he did not choose to go to university.

Moreover, I applied to be a part of the Straight Talking project, which I have been working with for almost a year.

It is something I have been committed to doing and will continue to do because of the impact I believe Straight Talking is making to educating others.

Although these points may seem small, I believe that commitment starts with the small things and eventually as you continue to remain consistent in remaining committed, you’ll master everything else you set your mind to do.


Jayde Edwards



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