What does commitment mean to you?


Talking about commitment and what you want from it is so important, really, really important, because when you commit to someone, that’s a decision that impacts your future,’ says Connie Uwineza, who works at Straight Talking – a charity that employs teenage mothers and young fathers to educate young people about early parenthood and healthy relationships. 

‘The relationships you surround yourself with are so important. They can be healthy and unhealthy, it’s something I think we need to reflect on a lot.’ 

Commitment, and what it means, comes up a lot at Straight Talking. 

Jayde volunteers at Straight Talking. She goes into schools to share her experiences on what commitment is and what it means. Jayde’s own views have changed over time.

Friendship comes up a lot in their conversations. Jayde says being committed to her son and always putting him first has paid off. They’re like best friends now. 

For Kiarah – it’s her little boy’s paternal nan who’s taken that role. She’s always been there to offer support.

The volunteers cover the good, the bad and the ugly side of relationships – always making it clear what a healthy and committed relationship should be like. 

Naima knows all too well how hard it is when commitment isn’t healthy. She now shares her experiences with teenagers to make sure they know what’s right and what’s not when it comes to commitment. 

They all have different experiences to share but they offer the same advice. Take the time to reflect on what commitment means to you and what you want from it. 

Listen to the podcast to hear some other experiences of commitment or share yours with us.

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