The Better Break Ups Campaign

What are your experiences of your previous break ups? Good, bad or downright ugly?

Back in June 2017, we got an insight into guys and their views on relationships, in our “Love Lust and Loneliness” campaign. It was quite an eye opener (you can find out more here).

We got some particularly interesting answers about how relationships end. It’s a tricky topic and we thought Status should make an effort to get to the bottom of it. So, we decided to find out more about breaking up.

Last month we conducted a survey with 1000 16-25 year olds across the UK which gave us plenty of stats.

We wanted to know what makes people end a relationship, how they do it, what makes them hesitate, how they cope afterwards and what difference it makes to future relationships?

We asked them about how they had behaved towards their previous partners and how they had been treated. And people didn’t hold back.

Would you agree with what they said?

90% think the best way to end a relationship is face to face but 41% have been dumped by text, 33% on social media and 28% have been a victim of ghosting.

What’s going wrong? Why can’t we talk face to face any more? Do we not have the skills or are we just used to hiding behind a phone, even though we know it’s not the best thing to do?

  • 48% say relationship break ups have had a negative effect on their mental health
  • 1 in 5 women were physically threatened
  • 17% of young people were physically hurt
  • 48% say relationship break ups have had a negative effect on their mental health
  • 48% of young people have stopped themselves ending a relationship they weren’t happy in as they were worried that their other halves might hurt themselves (53% men vs 43% women)

We were also curious about how our new world of digital technology is changing how we do relationships. Is it making relationships easier or harder? Better or worse? Young people today are having to deal with an extra layer of issues involving public humiliation and harassment when breaking up with a partner:

  • 38% were sent hurtful private messages
  • 27% were harassed with frequent contact online
  • 23% had hurtful comments posted or shared about them online
  • 14% had nude photos/videos shared publicly by an ex-partner

We also took to the streets of Bristol with our Status Van and interviewed young people face to face, who had a lot to say on the subject (check out the video) and our very own vlogger Munya interviewed Relate’s Dee Holmes – a Relationship counsellor to find out what we can do better (interview is here).

And finally we asked a friendly bunch of relationships experts for their guide to better break ups. Go here to find out what they recommend.

We hope you’ll agree that it is has been a worthwhile conversation and one that we hope that you’ll join. Do drop us a comment or question on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what is going on and what we can do better.

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