8 reasons to end a relationship

Not all romantic relationships last forever. The tricky part is knowing when to call it quits and end a relationship or when to ride out a rough patch in your relationship.

QUICK DISCLAIMER – ALL (read that again, ALL) relationships need work to grow, so please don’t bail at the first hint of an argument.

However, here are 8 tell-tale signs that it is right to end a relationship.

  • You no longer have meaningful conversations where you share important things about your lives.
  • Three is no longer a crowd. You choose hang-outs with your S/O ONLY when other friends are involved.
  • They are not a priority in your life. You respond to your partner’s texts 5 days later, even though you could have done so much sooner.
  • You are really hurt by something your partner did (like cheating) and are struggling to get over it, even though you’ve really tried.
  • You long for the person you were before the relationship. This is a huge red flag and it is probably time to call it quits and find yourself again.
  • You no longer talk or plan for the future together.
  • You’ve lost the trust. Trust is so so key in a relationship. Doubting and checking up on your S/O’s every move in such a way that MI5 might consider recruiting you, suggests that trust for your partner is gone.
  • You can’t put your finger on it, but you know within yourself that it’s time to move on.

Ending any relationship takes guts, but for your own good (and sometimes sanity), it is important that you can recognise when to have that conversation about going your separate ways.

by Dee Solebo

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