3 girls wrote “to the boys I loved before” – here’s what they said

A couple of lazy Sundays ago, I stopped to watch the latest Netflix romcom, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.”  The film follows Lara Jean, a high schooler who wrote letters to all the boys she’s ever “loved.” The letters were addressed, but never sent, until her sister sends them for fun.

Can sharing our true feelings be a blessing in disguise? Sometimes we can only get what we want if we’re willing to speak up. I gathered a few of my girls to follow in Lara Jean’s footsteps and write letters of their own. Here’s what they said.

Letter #1

Dear Callum,*

It’s been a while since we last spoke. I didn’t even speak to you on the last day of school, and that was many years ago. I’m glad, now, that nothing ever became of whatever it was back then that we shared, really. I think it keeps it as a perfect memory. I wish I could have known more about how you felt, rather than it being a mystery playing in my head over and over. I hope life has been kind to you, I hope you’ve fallen in love and she’s everything you ever wanted. Most of all, I hope you’re happy.

From, Amy*

Letter #2

Dear Joshua,*

It’s complicated. Such a cliché – I know. We always laughed together, but it was the silences in between that killed us. You never felt pressured to fill the silence. In the end, it made me believe I was better off alone. I’m sorry – this is what I’d want you to know, if ever I gathered the courage to send you this letter. I don’t regret ending things, I regret hurting you. I was just happier alone, and when that changes, I can only hope to find someone who was as kind and courageous as you were. You are my first love, and my dearest friend. I wish you nothing but happiness.

From, Chloe*

Letter #3

Dear John,*

Our relationship was short, but bittersweet. It ended in a text – something I wasn’t proud of – but you’d let me down so many times I didn’t know when I’d have the chance otherwise. When we were together, it was great. But that time together was rare – I was your afterthought. At the time, I felt you treated me the way I deserved, but when I moved on, I realised I deserved better. I regret ending things the way I did. You may not respect me for it, but I do wish you the best, John.

From, Charlie*

Lara Jean described writing the letters as an emotional release – and my friends said the same. The question is, should our true feelings remain as unaddressed envelopes, or should they be signed, sealed and delivered?

Do you want to write a letter to a boy (or girl!) you’ve loved before? We’d love to share your stories. Email us at [email protected].

Libby Toogood


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