What Wimbledon can teach you about your new relationship

As we enjoy the legendary British tennis tournament that is Wimbledon, let’s take a look at what the tennis can teach you about your new relationship. WARNING! Tennis pun loaded article coming up. Reader discretion is advised!

  1. Avoid corny chat-up lines – Are you a tennis player? Because I’m about to court you girl! We are rolling our eyes too. Leave the chat up lines to the romcoms, a simple hello should do.
  2. Practice makes perfect – The hours that tennis players put into practice is insane, but the hard work pays off! Spend time getting to know each other and you’re bound to see good results.
  3. Don’t tank your game – Tanking is a no no in tennis. Only show up if you plan to play! Don’t bother starting the relationship if you’re not going to make an effort.
  4. It takes two – Can you imagine a tennis game with only one player? Ridiculous right? It takes two willing people for any relationship to work.
  5. Sometimes ‘love’ means you feel like a loser – At the beginning of a relationship, it’s not unusual to do some silly cringe-worthy lovey-dovey things, but being vulnerable and letting your feelings be known is worth it.
  6. Don’t keep on serving if there are no returns – Kudos for your patience and dogged determination, but if you’re not getting responses to your serves (texts, phone calls) then it might be time for game, set, match.
  7. Don’t go hawkeye crazy – Don’t overdo getting another person’s opinion on disagreements in your relationship. A trusted advisor every now and then can be good, but your relationship will grow if you learn to resolve issues together.
  8. Get some doubles ranking points – Double dating with friends can be a fun and alternative date night activity.
  9. Try some drop shots – Dropshots are amazing winning shots when they come unexpectedly. Surprising your S/O with thoughtful or random gifts will always be a winner.

The best tennis matches are always exciting. Starting a new relationship can be just as much fun, so keep the rallies going as they’re bound to make the highlight reel in the end. Work on getting to know each other, see it through the highs and the lows and you just might end up being considered a G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) at least to your partner!

Dee Solebo

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