What sets David Beckham apart from the rest of the competition – it’s not his free kicks

One of the most recognised faces in sport today is David Beckham. He’s played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Paris St. Germain in a professional career that began when he was only 17. But it’s not just his commitment to football that sets David Beckham apart – it’s his commitment in general.

Have you noticed that all over platforms like Twitter, David Beckham is being praised for his commitment to his wife and children, too? People are recognising that in a world where celebrities are constantly being outed for unfaithfulness or splitting up, David Beckham has become a role model for sticking it out. David and Victoria have been married for 19 years (without much of a hiccup) which is an achievement in itself when you consider the pressure of a celebrity lifestyle. David attributes this to the values instilled in him at a young age and his willingness to talk issues through rather than avoid them when they come up.

David and Victoria call their family a “close unit.” His children clearly love him, as we could see from the recent video of Brooklyn surprising his dad for his birthday. Such a close bond comes from a dad who is committed to his kids. You’d think he wouldn’t have time to do the normal “dad stuff” but he often talks about taking his kids to school or watching their football matches.

Now, obviously, there was the alleged relationship with PA Rebecca Loos a few years back. But what’s inspirational is how the couple managed to overcome this. Their decision to stick together and commit to each other and their family can’t have been an easy one.

What sets David Beckham apart, for us, is the commitment he’s shown not only to football but to his wife and kids. Definitely not something to be sniffed at in this day and age! Commitment is who David Beckham is, and he’s even made it cool to find the essential balance between being great at what you do and a family man.

Dan Callan


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