We want to get married – but how young is too young?

I wish I could text Justin Beiber or Hailey – “Hey Justin/Hailey, you guys married young, what made you go for it? Ta xxx Dee.”

Back to reality. So you’ve met this likable/decent/almost-all-boxes-ticked person. Age-wise you’re legal to get hitched and you’re both seriously considering getting married. However, it feels like the world things you’re too young to tie the knot. But really, how young is too young? One way to think about this question is to forget about the age issue for a bit and consider other things.

For me, deciding to marry my boyfriend, now hubs, meant thinking about if we were both ready. We had been together for a while, so the marriage topic had come up a few times. But we only went for it when we were both ready. For me “ready” meant willing to commit to spending my life with him. Yep, ready to say no to every hunky bloke ever again, forever. I could stand his annoying habits for the rest of my life, and I knew there was loads to look forward to as husband and wife. Marriage was the best option for us.

When figuring out if you’re ready to get married, it’s worth thinking about finances, where you would live, etc. But I recommend doing this apart from the age question. It takes the pressure off how old you are and makes you think about the stuff that really matters when deciding whether to get hitched. Although I married at 27, I don’t think it would have mattered if I was 19, because I made the choice after carefully thinking through the important stuff.

Regardless of the age you are, marriage is a big deal. So embrace the process of thinking it through. But don’t sweat how young you are. Sweat the important stuff.

FYI at the time of writing, Justin and Hailey were still unavailable, but I got this quote from a friend who married young – “I’m glad I got married early because I get even more time to spend with the love of my life, friend and partner” – Renee (Mrs S).

Dee Solebo


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