They said it drunk – can we trust it?

I’m pretty sure most of us have been in a situation that involved drunk texting. We’ve all sent them, we’ve all received them. They can be embarrassing, funny, horrifying, nice – but the question is, can we trust them?

A few years ago, my friend Lily drunk texted her crush to confess her feelings. We sat in her bedroom, giggling over it, trying to come up with something good for her to write. She’d had a crush on him for ages and we both agreed (in our drunken state) that it was time he knew about it. The next morning, Lily was horrified. Everything felt different in the cold light of day. The message was absolutely cringe. She went into a panic, wondering if she should text again, blaming the cocktails of the night before. But she didn’t. Because even though the cocktails provided the courage, the text was true. What was the outcome? He texted her later and asked her on a date, and a few weeks later they were officially a couple.

Some studies say that alcohol doesn’t change what we think exactly, we just care less about the consequences of our actions. This was definitely true for Lily. She’d been overthinking the situation for a long time and it was a good next step to let him know how she felt.

However, I’ve seen the exact opposite happen too. My friend Andrew texted his boss while drunk to say he would be quitting and not coming into the office the following day. We all found it hilarious at the time because it was so out of character for Andrew. He works hard, is loyal to his boss and loves his job. When he woke up the next day, he had consequences to face. Luckily, Andrew didn’t get fired, but his boss did have questions.

At the end of the day, how alcohol impacts each person is a very individual thing. Some people may care less about the consequences of the truth they speak while others tell complete lies. So, can you trust drunk texts? Start with considering who the person is when they’re sober.

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Dimana Markova



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