Relationships, friendships and Season Two of Sex Education on Netflix

After a weekend of binge-watching Season Two of Sex Education on Netflix, FASTNs’ Abi Froud gives us the lowdown on the highlights and lowlights of relationships, friendships and all that goes in the space between.

Content warning: sexual harassment/sexual assault.
Warning: This post contains spoilers!


Sex Education season two hit Netflix on Friday and it has caused a real buzz for its excellent handling of a lot of difficult topics.

I spent my Friday night marathoning the season and it really got me thinking about relationships, and more specifically, friendships.

In season two we see Otis and Eric’s lifelong friendship develop, the Head Boy Jackson form a friendship with top of the class career-focused Viv, and the sparking of an unexpected friendship between Ola and Adam to name just a few highlights.

So, what can we learn from all this?

It’s clear that friendships are an important type of relationship.

Adam’s emotional response to Ola being his first friend highlights just how important friendships are for us, having committed and dependable friends can help us through times of difficulty.

One of the most powerful scenes of the series was the solidarity that Aimee’s friends showed her by getting the bus she had been avoiding the whole series after experiencing sexual assault.

Friendships are not just for times of difficulty; they are also there to celebrate with us.

Sex Education – your questions answered!

’s continued support throughout every Quiz Head competition showed her commitment to supporting and then celebrating with her friend Maeve and boyfriend Steve.

The things we learn in friendships can be applied to romantic relationships.

The same ingredients of support, dependability and empathy are necessary for all types of relationships.

So, whilst Sex Education has some obvious life lessons like don’t start an underground sex therapy clinic if you are a 16-year-old boy, it also teaches us a lot about real-life relationships and the ingredients needed to make them work.

People bring different things to friendships and they are a great opportunity to learn from one another.

Whilst Jackson may have taught Viv how to interact with the boy she fancied, Viv taught Jackson a valuable lesson about supportive friendships.

What did you think of the latest season of Sex Education?

Do you have a favourite friendship from the series?

(Maeve and Aimee have got to be my favourite!)

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