Our top 6 dads from film and TV

In honour of Father’s day, here are our top 6 dads from film and TV.

1. Homer Simpson

He might be an idiot, but he’s a lovable idiot. At the end of the episode “Lisa’s Substitute,” Homer cheers up Lisa after the beloved substitute teacher leaves town, consoles Bart after he loses the class presidential election, and calms down a crying Maggie by giving her back her pacifier. Beneath all his obvious faults as a person, he’s actually a great father.


2. George Cooper from Young Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper is a child genius whose family struggles to interact with him. It’s especially heart-warming to watch his father George try to be a great dad to a boy who’s so much cleverer than he is. In one episode, he drives Sheldon to see a rocket launch. But when the launch has to be postponed, George cheers up a despondent Sheldon by pretending to not know how thunder and lightning works, allowing Sheldon to enthusiastically explain.



3. Sandy Cohen from The OC

This is for all the millennials. Sandy Cohen wasn’t content with just being a great dad to his son Seth, but he adopted the troubled Ryan into his family, providing care and stability, as well as a really, really nice house…



4. Daniel Hillard from Mrs. Doubtfire

Any father who is willing to dress up as a middle-aged Scottish female housekeeper to be close to his children is quite remarkable in my book.


5. Brian Mills from Taken

When his daughter is kidnapped, Bryan Mills doesn’t sit back and let others look for her. No, he decides to be Heroic Dad and tells her captors, in that husky Irish accent, “I will find you and I will kill you.”



6. Vito Corleone from The Godfather

Yes, he might be a Mafia boss who threatens to kill people who get in his way and decapitates a prize-winning horse, but Vito Corleone cares about his family. In fact, he tells his godson Johnny Fontane, “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” Hey, I’m not defending his behaviour, but he really does love his kids.

Alex Birch


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