Love Sex Education? So do we! But is Otis’ advice as good as it seems?

We’ve been watching Sex Education and we love it! But it has made us wonder – does teen sex therapist Otis really know what he’s talking about? We’ve taken scenarios out of Sex Education and asked a real expert what she has to say about them. Will Clinical Psychologist, Dr Kerry Ashton-Shaw, agree with Otis’ advice? Let’s find out!

Scenario #1: My boyfriend says he loves me but I know he’s lying!

So, we meet Sam and Katie in episode two. It’s not clear what’s going on exactly, but something’s up with their relationship. Katie is convinced Sam wants to break up with her even though poor Sam is doing his best to tell her it isn’t true. “See,” Katie whines, “my boyfriend thinks I’m gross.” But Sam looks completely confused. “I like everything about her,” he tells Otis. “I can’t believe she wants to be with me.” Otis looks at Katie, but she’s still unsure. “Do you hear what he’s saying?” He asks her. “Yeah, but I still don’t believe him.”

The couple is back to back in the empty bathtub as Otis advises them from the toilet seat. Then he appears to have an epiphany. “Katie,” he says. “What do you like about yourself?” Katie is reluctant at first but then lists things. She thinks she’s ok at volleyball. She can make dumplings from scratch. Katie is getting into it. She says she has a spooky ability to guess a person’s nationality by how they walk. Sam laughs. “One more,” Otis pushes. “I think I have nice hair,” Katie says, turning to Sam. Sam smiles. “It’s so shiny,” he agrees. Katie smiles back. Breakthrough!

Otis’ Advice

If you don’t like yourself, how are you supposed to believe Sam does?

What our expert has to say

This is important to think about–if we have low self-esteem, we can assume others are thinking negative things about us too–and so it becomes hard to trust someone likes us for who we are (because if you don’t like yourself–it’s hard to imagine anyone else would like you either). My advice? Work on learning to like yourself!

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