A Highland adventure with my partner

By Dee Solebo

Packed bags?  

Confirmed hotel booking?  

Printed hotel booking (just in case)?  

Checked partner is alive and well?  

Still in love with partner?   


I felt like such a grown-up, because for the first time in my life I had actually sorted out things well in advance, and not waited until the last minute to get ready in a flustered state of Bridget Jones-style panic.

The fact that I was going away with my partner in one of the most loved-up times in our relationship certainly boosted my planning-in-advance skills. There was an extra spring in my step and a smug smile plastered across my face as we walked leisurely to the train station with hands linked and our PDA-ness on full volume.

Summer holiday, here we come.

We were headed to the beautiful Highland delights of Scotland. We arrived a few hours later and despite the long journey we were still all loved up on arrival. Our hotel was a couple of miles from the city centre, but being the ‘economical’ person that I am I suggested taking a bus to our destination.

Although my partner and I have very different approaches to spending money, he agreed to the compromise of a bus rather than a taxi as it would allow us to see more of the city. Compromise is something that came up a lot on our holiday, and as unsexy a word as it may seem, it has been so crucial in our relationship – it has saved us a whole lot of relationship hassle.

The food, ooh the food on our first night was just divine. We both have a good eye for great food and a very healthy appetite for it too.

We were in very high spirits taking in the lovely romantic view that the Scottish Highlands had to offer, while taking little notice of how much we were stuffing our faces. After all, we were on holiday. Every thought of calorie-counting was left back home in Manchester. The night continued perfectly, as hey presto we were offered desserts on the house.

We were staying in one of those resort type places with various activities to choose from. My partner was mega excited when he realised that he could sharpen his golf skills on the golf course which was available during our stay. Personally, I find golf as exciting as watching paint dry, so we decided to do our own thing – me in the sauna soaking up the steam; him on the golf course practicing his best Tiger Woods swing impression.

The great thing about this was that even though we were on holiday together we were comfortable enough with each other to spend time apart, doing what we individually enjoyed.

One of the best things about the holiday was the fact that my birthday fell on one of the days we were away, and boy was I going to milk it. I was given free rein to have us do exactly what I wanted.

We spent the day out in the main city, Snapchatting away and taking lots of photos for Instagram stories. Visiting the stunning Edinburgh Castle was everything I had expected and more. It was just beautiful.

So the day had been going quite perfectly until our almost dinner disaster. Like I mentioned, I can be a bit OTT when it comes to saving money, (you know the type – living for the rainy day and not taking advantage of today) so this means I love a good bargain.

I had found this amazing voucher on a deal website with a restaurant and was determined to go there for my birthday dinner.

I dragged my poor other half all the way to the opposite end of the city (on foot) looking for this restaurant. After a while we finally found the place, with some relief, as, by the look on his face, his patience was starting to wear off.

But to my dismay, when we asked for somewhere to sit, we were told that there was a waiting time of well over an hour.

I was so disappointed, especially given what we had gone through to find the place. Now someone (me) had forgotten to call in advance to make a booking and I was not in my other half’s good books.

I guess I wasn’t as grown up as I thought! But actually, despite the situation being pretty annoying, he didn’t have a go, or even make a snide remark about me forgetting to book the restaurant in advance. We ended up going elsewhere and had a really good night, despite the earlier mishap.

The best thing about our holiday was that we were just happy to enjoy each other’s company. Giggling at silly things, having lazy lie-ins and watching TV in bed, chatting about everything and nothing.

It was lovely just to enjoy our time away with each other. We could have been in Timbuktu or in the Maldives, the location didn’t really matter. As they say, sometimes it really is about the little things!

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