Beyond emojis –  5 easy ways to show you care online

So, you’ve set your partner’s nickname to “‘Bae'” on messenger and tagged them in a host of wholesome memes captioned “us,” but it still doesn’t do your feelings justice? If you’re looking for new ways to show you care, here are some ideas for adding a little extra oomph to your relationship, online.

  1. Send Nod

Send Nod is a tiny, personalise-able, message in a bottle. By tiny, I mean slightly larger than a £1 coin. Use the message to let your partner know that they are on your mind. Your message can be “as soppy, hilarious, rude or raunchy as you like.” Whether it be nice or spice, at just £3.99 with free shipping, it would be silly not to give this a go. As a recipient of one myself, I can confirm it was the perfect pick-me-up after a hard week.

  1. Movie night

Surprise your other half by inviting them to an online movie night. Watch2Gether is a platform that lets you sync up screens so you don’t have to binge watch your fave show alone. It’s also a handy way of keeping tabs on your “’no watching ahead” promise.

  1. Learn their love language

Understand how to best express your feelings of adoration for your partner by learning their love language. Take the test here to find out whether they respond better to words of affirmation or their favourite meal cooked for them. This is said to strengthen your bond and will make life much easier for you when deciding how best to show your partner you care about them.

  1. Collaborative playlist

If you’re clued up about what their favourite bops are to dance to, or look dramatically out of a car window to, then you could make them a private playlist on Spotify. Don’t forget to include your “’couple song” for bonus points.

  1. Instagram Scrapbook

Let’s get filter-cal! Bad puns aside, a private Instagram account come-scrapbook is the perfect way to cherish good memories with your beloved. Add time and location stamps for a more thorough relationship roadmap.

Hannah West


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