10 things every couple fights about

1. Video Games

Lads, I know taking Stevenage from League 2 to the Champions League final is impressive to you and your mates, but your girlfriend doesn’t care.

2. Money

Lads, do you really need that new pair of football boots? Ladies, is that new mac make up set really necessary?

3. The toilet seat

Who knew that a toilet seat being up instead of down could make a person so angry.

4. (Un)Cleanliness

Apparently girls don’t appreciate un-flushed toilets and toe nail clippings left in a neat pile on the floor.

5. The Parents

You can find yourself praying your girlfriend doesn’t end up like her mother.

6. Which movie to watch

Maybe Die Hard will have to wait till next weekend.

7. What to have for dinner

“What do you want for dinner?”
“I don’t care, anything”
“…Anything but Chinese”.

8. How the other person eats

“Can you chew any louder?!”

9. Exes

Need I say more?

10. Lack of Romance

Apparently your girlfriend doesn’t find your talent of burping the alphabet as revolutionary as you do.

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