Why finding your “commitment mojo” will bring you success in 2019

Are your New Year’s resolutions looking a lot like last years? Do “get fit,” “quit smoking,” “manage time better” sound familiar? Did you manage to accomplish last year’s resolutions? If the answer is no, then let’s talk about the “C” word. Oh yes, commitment. Here’s how finding your “commitment mojo” will bring you success in 2019.

First of all, what commitments are you making? Whether your goals are focused on your career or personal life, start by deciding what they are and write them down. Now it’s not just in your head, you know what you’re dealing with.

Now ask yourself, are your goals realistic? The process of seeing a goal through requires persistence. Don’t set yourself up for failure, choose goals that are attainable in your current circumstances.

Jamie Foxx says “you have a responsibility to your work, to your choices. Once you get to a certain level of quality and commitment, you don’t want to go back and make Booty Call 7.” His point is that practice makes perfect, and finding your commitment mojo takes some elbow grease, not just physically, but mentally. Setting attainable goals may seem like slow progress but sets you up for success in the long run.

If you’ve found yourself going in circles, ask yourself these questions: Do I still want the same goal I set out to achieve last year? If you do, why didn’t it work last time? Can you honestly say you gave it your all? Would it be more realistic to set a smaller goal first, and work up to the bigger one?

I’m self-employed, so time management is a big part of my commitment to goals. I choose to set my alarm during weekdays to wake me up at the same time as I would if I worked 9 – 5 in an office. This is a commitment to myself, and a small goal that helps me reach the bigger ones. It’s a good idea to seek advice when you’re trying a new strategy for goal-setting and commitment. Ask friends and family for their input and set realistic goals! You’ll soon find your commitment mojo – you got this!

Abi Rose

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