What does commitment mean to you?

What does commitment really mean? The dictionary tells us it’s about being dedicated to something, but we know it’s more than that, and means different things to different people. I am a 22-year-old in a committed relationship, but statistics tell me millennials are less likely to get married than previous generations, and a recent poll found that the number of young people who are single and live alone is on the rise. But are these major relationships milestones, from moving in together and marriage, the only ways to show commitment in 2019? I asked my friends what it means to them to be committed – and here’s what they said.

“Commitment to me is usually goal-oriented, as I’m single. Habit building for longevity or taking steps towards a larger achievement.”
Aled*, 23, single

“Commitment is a decision to love and work to maintain love with someone. A promise that you will see all parts of someone and still walk beside them.”
Abbie*, 21, married

“Commitment is a type of loyalty to someone or something. When I’m committed to something, it means I won’t give up and it’s a priority to me.”
Sarah*, 21, in a relationship

“In it for the long haul, if you’re committed you work hard at whatever it is.”
Rachel*, 20, in a relationship

“Honesty and trust. It’s not so much about being in a long-term relationship, it’s about being dedicated to it and allowing yourself to work for it when things get tough.”
Eilish*, 22, in a relationship

As I talked to my friends about commitment, I realised that it doesn’t necessarily mean being in a long-term relationship. Commitment is about you, and what you’ve chosen to fight for. Commitment is something that we show ourselves first and then extend to others. What does it mean to you?

Libby Toogood

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