Ways and ideas to identify commitment in your relationships: How would you identify commitment?

Knowing you have the absolute trust and commitment of your significant other, your family or your friends, is a great feeling. Commitment to anything will contribute hugely to the success of whatever you are trying to accomplish, from making lunch or dinner, to starting a family. But how can you identify if that person is truly committed to the relationship, what are the signs of commitment you look for? 

Are you PIN pals?

According to a recent survey conducted by Match.com, exchanging PIN’s and passwords for phones and subscriptions are major signs of commitment. To be able to release the privacy of your phone to your significant other close friends is in my opinion a major sign of commitment, as this shows your trust in them. I do, however, believe that sharing your subscription password isn’t as significant as this is just a form of entertainment. According to the survey, generally people are quicker to commit to saying the words, “I love you” (5 months) than give their PIN’s and passwords away (1 year). I believe this shows how insignificant the words “I love you” generally are seen. So, you have to ask yourself, when your partner says “I love you” what is the significance in it, how much meaning is there in those words? 

Are you happy working out in front of or with your partner?

Are you quite happy to work out with your partner? If so, this is seen as a major form of commitment, according to Match.com. It generally takes a year for couples to express their vulnerability and work out with their partners. To get down and sweaty, to show your “non-beautiful/handsome” side can be quite a challenge, the question of, “will he/she still love me with all my flaws?”. I do believe that in some cases this can be seen as a major sign of commitment as it may be hard for some people to show this side of themselves. Or, do you see commitment as being able to share bodily functions openly with your partner, are toilet habits no longer weird to mention? I don’t know about you, but when I’m telling this to someone, I know I have their full trust and commitment, I’m not just casually telling anyone when or what I am doing in the bathroom. 

Are you fully accepted and comfortable with your partner’s family?

If you find yourself on your partner’s family Whatsapp group, then you’ve reached the next level of commitment in the relationship, however, this takes on average 16 months. If you can succeed in being fully involved and accepted into each other’s families, this is a major milestone to reach. In doing this you show how committed you are to developing the relationship and not only are you showing your partner this but their families as well. 

For me, honesty is key and most important way to tell commitment, being able to be truthful and share whatever you feel with your partner. This may be harder to judge but is still the best way to express commitment. I know times have changed and what was previously seen as a major sign of commitment may not be anymore, however, honesty will forever be key. The above mentioned are just a few ways to identify commitment in your relationships. Please feel free to share your opinions, and how you can tell if your significant other is committed to the relationship. 

Matthew Sanders

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