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In a movie that has more heads bitten off than most, you’d expect it to be lacking any touching moments. But the latest comic book movie adaptation, Venom, surprised me (albeit the moments were rare). It made me wonder how I would act given the choices our protagonist, Eddie Brock, was given.

SPOILERS AHEAD – you’ve been warned!

Anne and Eddie in happier, less alien-y times… Copyright: Sony Pictures

I’ll set the scene. Eddie is in the car with his ex-girlfriend, Anne, six months after they split up because of a colossal break of trust on Eddie’s part. The timing for a reconciliation doesn’t seem quite right (Anne had just witnessed Eddie transform into the huge black symbiote, Venom, and was still very much in shock).

But as we listen to the internal dialogue between Eddie and Venom, we hear Venom remind Eddie that he never actually apologised for what he’d done. Now, if a morally ambiguous murder alien is telling you to apologise for something, you should probably apologise! Eddie gets it. And his apology is the start of their relationship getting back on track.

The wisdom came from an unlikely source, but the message is still important – never be too proud to apologise. Perhaps if Eddie had apologised earlier, he wouldn’t have watched the love of his life walk away. Sometimes a small dose of humility saves a lot of pain. However, it may also have meant that he didn’t meet Venom, and we wouldn’t have seen him take on a whole SWAT team in a dark hotel lobby. So pro’s and con’s I guess! Also, we would have missed the epic bike chase (and I’m a sucker for bike chases).

So, amongst all the head biting, bike chasing and explosions – even Venom found that one place we can all relate too – human connection, and reconciliation.

Dan Callan

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