Feel like Rahul? 3 easy ways to boost self confidence

“I wish I was like them” “If only I could be good at that” and “I could never do that.” Sound familiar? Thoughts like these are all to common. So many of us lack self confidence, but are these thoughts really true?

If you watched Rahul on GBBO this year, you’ll know he’s a prime example of what I’m talking about. If you didn’t follow the show, I’ll fill you in. Rahul is a truly talented baker, our 2018 winner for GBBO. Yet at every turn (or cake) he doubted himself, or apologised to the judges moments before they gave him rave reviews. What’s Rahul’s problem? He’s talented, but he lacks self confidence. As I watched him win the victory this week I wondered – how many of us are full of doubt and apologising when the world is looking in thinking we’re doing pretty well?

Think this might be you? Here are my three easy ways to boost your self confidence.

Believe what others say about you

A quick question to your peers or family about what they think of your current project/work/hobby will often reveal a more reliable truth than the one in your head.

Surround yourself with positive people

Truly confident people know how to see the good in others, and are happy to compliment them. In turn, grow your own self confidence by becoming a voice of encouragement to others.

Give positive self-talk a try

Speaking positive declarations like “people like me” or “I am really great at the work I do” will not only boost your self confidence but physiologically cause your brain to change the way it thinks. I believe that if Rahul woke up every morning and said “I am amazing at baking” he would start to realise it more quickly. Don’t worry, it’s not about faking something, it’s about getting in touch with reality. You are great at something! Where do you need to grow in self confidence? Put these into practice this week and give yourself a boost!

Oddva Thompson


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