“The time my parents gave me The Talk”

By Rob Edwards

There comes a time in every young teen’s life when they begin to go through certain changes and develop new found desires.

Looking back, I remember having questions, dozens of them. Questions like, “Am I meant to be growing hair there?” or “Why does my body go all funny when I think of my English teacher Mrs Jessop?” and I was begging for answers.  I just didn’t know where to turn.

Enter Mum and Dad…

It was after a family dinner when they decided to sit me down and have “The Talk” because they thought I might be at the age when I was curious. They went through the ins and outs of sex from its basic function to the more enjoyable parts.

They were open and frank, answering all my questions.

And then they dropped the bombshell. Yes, they (in their early 50s at the time) did still have a full and active sex life.  I had just assumed that they’d had me as their youngest child and decided to put an end to all that nonsense! Why else would Dad spend so much time in the garden?

Despite the slightly disturbing mental image of my parents doing more than reading or sleeping in bed – I did find their frank and honest discussion helpful.  And it was good to know that I could turn to them if I had any other questions.

One of the  best things my parents shared with me, was a simple truth that sex, is ordinary. If I’m with a partner and we want to have sex, great. If not, no bother.   

Thinking about sex in this way helped me stop getting so fixated on it during the times I wasn’t sexually active.

So, thanks Mum and Dad for cutting through the embarrassment (mine and probably yours) to have ‘’The Talk”.


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